Top 12 Reasons to choose WordPress for building your website

WordPress is the easiest Content Management System and is really easy to use. WordPress has plenty of advantages. It provides easy and customized web development services. It is the most popular content management system (CMS).

Most businesses are choosing WordPress as their website development platform. WordPress is easy to learn and use. WordPress helps you to add a lot of flexibility to your website.

WordPress is getting more popular day by day. It is highly flexible in nature. You can easily add new themes and plugins on your website in order to enhance the functionality of your website. It is easy for you to customize the site through WordPress.

WordPress is very easy to navigate and powerful to complete all your business requirements.

Top 12 reasons to choose WordPress as your website development platform:

1. Easy To Use:

WordPress is very easy to use and learn. You can easily install and use WordPress free of charge. It allows you to easily manage your online store through the user-friendly admin panel of WordPress. You can easily add your products, images, and product descriptions.

The WordPress platform has many benefits and it is very easy to use. It helps you to create more site traffic. As more people visit your site it will lead to the sales of your services and products. You can easily manage everything without writing a line of code.

2. Lots of Themes and Plugins:

WordPress provides a wide range of themes and plugins to improve the functionality and appeal of your website. Some of the plugins are for photo galleries, video players, membership programs, shopping carts, calendars, forums, and much more on your website.

Many of the plugins and themes are available for free or generally available at a low cost.

3. Search Engine Optimization:

If you are creating your website with WordPress then you already have a good SEO position in the google search. WordPress does not create a website with complex codes and provides you friendly URLs. It makes the search engine optimization of your website easy and simple.

It helps you to position your website top on the search list so that you can improve your rank. You can easily add detailed product descriptions along with optimized images on your e-commerce website.

You can also install SEO plugins for further optimization of your e-commerce website.

4. Customizable:

WordPress supports multiple features. You can create a website according to your choice. WordPress allows you to create your own custom themes according to the requirements of your website.

The use of interesting themes for your website will help you to bring more customers to your website. You can use a number of features to create your website.

5. Secure:

WordPress provides strengthened security features to protect your website. WordPress is highly secure. WordPress is a scalable platform. The WordPress plugin for your website is able to handle millions of visitors per day.

The dedicated team of developers of WordPress keeps it tightly secured and safe.

6. Free of Cost:

WordPress is a cost-effective platform. This feature of WordPress is increasing its popularity. There is an option that allows you to add more themes, plugins, add-ons, and such which costs some amount but not as much as other platforms do.

You can easily create a website that is easy to run by the use of themes and plugins of this platform which are free of cost.

7. Mobile-Friendly:

WordPress is a mobile-friendly platform. Many people are accessing websites on their mobile phones. It is necessary to develop a website that is mobile-friendly.

Many WordPress themes are responsive on mobile devices. This mobile-friendly feature of your website will help you to increase more customers towards your website.

8. Support:

WordPress is one of the easiest Content Management Systems. WordPress has the largest community. If you face any kind of problem in accessing this platform, this community support can help you.

9. Social Media Integration:

WordPress is one of the top blogging and content management systems. Many people use WordPress to create articles and blogs of their own.

WordPress allows you to post your content on various social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google, and LinkedIn with a click of the button.

You can easily publish your articles or blogs on your website as well as share it on social media. There are many plugins available in WordPress for this social media integration feature.

10. Multi-language Support:

WordPress is available in many languages. It is available in around 70 different languages. WordPress allows you to build your website according to their language.

If you want to reach your global clients then you may need your websites in different languages. WordPress has the feature of being multilingual. So that you can create your website in different languages according to your requirement.

11. Responsive Websites

With the growing usage of mobile devices for web surfing, having a mobile-friendly website is essential to the UX as well as SEO. When it comes to being responsive, most of WordPress’s themes and designs are responsive.

By the use of WordPress as your website’s CMS, you’ll be in a position to gain from a responsive website online for your commercial enterprise without having to create a separate internet site altogether.

12. Open-Source Community

One of the top advantages is that WordPress is an open-source platform. There’s potential the developer can use, change, and learn about the code unless they have to create it from scratch.

Being open-source software, WordPress programmers can share the code online with different builders too. This helps in saving a lot of time, and the cost of writing and imposing a new codebase for minor or fundamental changes.

Moreover, many of the plugins and themes are free under the GPLv2 license. This means you can effortlessly adjust and use the code unless you have to pay any license or subscription fees.

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