How to overcome Fear, Doubt, Bad Habit, Arrogance

The main difference between the rich and the poor is how they handle fear. No person in this world likes losing money and there is not a single rich person who has never lost money.

Everyone has the fear of losing money including the rich but that is not the problem. The problem is, how you handle your fear.

Some people feel giddiness when they see blood but doctors run into action.

If a businessman gets a proposal for investing, he will definitely have a look at it. But on the contrary, the same doctor may run away.

Texans used to say – People are so afraid of losing that they lose ultimately.

Everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die.

Fran Tarkenton said: ‘Winning means being unafraid to lose.

The main reason why people don’t win financially is that their fear of losing money is far greater than the happiness of being rich.

Robert Kiyosaki – Failure inspires winners and defeats losers.

I will explain how failure inspires.

Do you know how to ride a bicycle or bike? Well, falling off the bike is a part of learning to ride. When someone falls from a bike, they don’t run away, they get more determined and get inspired.

If you take it in the right sense, failing only gives you the inspiration to be better, work harder, and have more and finally will lead you to achieve your goal. Had the rider feared falling, he wouldn’t have learned it in his entire life.

If you want to be rich then you should be focused, not balanced. Look at the millionaires, at the starting point of their career, they all were focused. Bill Gates was focused on Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg was focused on developing Facebook so much that he once developed a Music Player and uploaded it on the internet for free and did not even bother about the money. I can give you a list of examples.

The point is if you pay too much attention to being perfect. Balanced, you’ll go nowhere.

The perfect time will never come and will never be right. You have to start where you are, what you have and do what you can. Set out the very moment when you set your goal.

Don’t wait for the opportunity to knock at your door. Go break that door and take the opportunity.

What poor and middle-class people do is they put their few eggs in many baskets, i.e. they diversify their investments so that they can remain safe. While rich people put a lot of eggs in a few baskets i.e. they focus on a single investment.

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How to overcome doubt

All of us have doubts and questions, even riches. You might have said these kind of sentences to yourself like “I am not good enough”, “I am not that smart”, “I won’t be able to make that much money”, “He is better than me”, “What if I get fired?”, “What if things don’t go my way?”, “What if I can’t get my money back”, etc.

These kinds of doubts paralyze us.

On top of that, negativity sets in, and people start demotivating us. That won’t work, you should not do this, the job is safe, why do you think it’s going to make you rich? etc etc. Because of these doubts we fail to take action and remain in the same place.

We fail to see the opportunities and they pass by us and we don’t move forward. It is easy to get out of the Rat Race but our doubts hold us back. Analyze before accepting the point made to you.

Someone who criticizes and does not take time to analyze let’s their doubts and fear close their eyes instead of opening it.

The best way to avoid negative people is to nod your head in front of them as you are agreeing to what they are saying and just continue to do whatever you are doing. This will make the process easy.

It is very difficult to explain to a fool that he is a fool. When you nod your head in agreement, at least they will shut their mouth and not disturb you. Try it.

It works like a magical spell. Always remember one thing: “Belief in yourself.”

How to overcome a bad habit

Our habits reflect us more than our education. When people get their paycheck, the first thing they do is pay their bills. That’s the main reason why people struggle financially.

They pay everyone else first but themselves.

They pay themselves the last but only if they have anything leftover and usually they have nothing left over.

You might ask-

  1. Aren’t we supposed to pay the bills?
  2. Are you saying we should not pay the bills?


I’m not saying don’t pay your bills, what I’m trying to explain is pay yourself first before paying to anyone.

Pay yourself first even if you are short of money. Set a percentage (%) that should go directly to the savings before paying the bills.

Say if your salary is 20k, assume it to be 15k and make your living within 15k. Save that 5k.

Don’t save it just for the sake of saving. Save so that you can invest in the future. And when the opportunity knocks on your doorstep, don’t hesitate, take the risk, study the market, and invest.

When you pay them a little or late, they will scream at you and might come after you. After paying yourself first, your mind will be pressurized because you have to pay them.

This will make you want to seek other sources of income. This pressure will become your motivation. Use this pressure in your favor, not against you.

Work overtime, extra jobs, start companies, invest in real estate or the stock market, move bricks or buildings, do whatever the hell you want to do. But don’t sit on your ass flipping TV channels in your comfortable home. No-one grows there.

If I pay myself last after paying everyone, there would be no pressure and your mind will not look for the other opportunities which ultimately will lead you to be broken again.

How to overcome arrogance

Robert Kiyosaki says: What you know makes you money and what you don’t know loses you money.

You might have seen a young guy correcting his seniors in a particular subject and the seniors just avoid the conversation saying “You are new here”, “you know nothing about it”, and starts criticizing him but deep down they know that he was right and we are wrong.

Instead of accepting their mistake and learning the topic, they start being arrogant. It is their loss of education.

Arrogant people always lose money because they think what they don’t know is not important. Had he listened to what he did was wrong and corrected himself, there might have been a chance that he would have found a great opportunity and would have made loads and loads of money.

It is the arrogance that keeps him away from learning from a young guy who is just a fresher in the company.

Always be an open-minded person, for him the opportunities come. A person can enter a house only if the door is open. When the door is closed, even the thief cannot come inside.

The same goes for money. Arrogance creates a barrier between your mind and money.

If you are a person who thinks – “why learn from a guy who is younger than me”, “I don’t need to be aware of this”, “It is not important”, then my friend, you have an attitude problem.

You have to correct it otherwise you will fail in life sooner or later.


You can’t be a good person unless you are humble and kind. Humbleness will take you to the heights both in your financial as well as your social world. Unlike an arrogant person, a kind person will never hesitate to learn new things even if it is to learn from a kid.

Warren Buffet, at the age of 88, still reads books. He himself said that he reads around 50 pages a day.

Learning makes us grow and that’s why a humble person always grows.

While an arrogant person thinks that what he doesn’t know is not important. Remember one thing, when you stop learning, you stop growing.

Instead of that time-wasting games, useless novels and TV, always cling yourself to the books.

They are the best friends one would ever get.

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